If you are new to the world of interior design, you might have no idea where to start when it comes to creating a new kitchen. This is why you should enlist the help of a professional kitchen company like Kitchen Kraft. We have the vision and the experience to create and implement designer kitchens perfectly tailored to individual tastes and budgets. We use high end and stylish materials in custom arrangements to deliver bespoke designer kitchens. Even with a lower budget, we can help you to achieve the luxury kitchen you have always dreamed of. Read more about the styles we offer below.

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Modern Kitchen Design

Unlike contemporary design, modern design refers to a fixed time period. Modern style can include anything from 1920s art deco up to 1970s retro. The early to middle twentieth century was the peak modern period with the influence of Bauhaus design. What modern design most often comes down to is minimalist lines, wood, and earthy colour tones like brown and green. Blue and white is also a popular colour scheme in modern kitchen design. You can find this palette featured in some of our kitchens.

From our modern kitchen range, Image offers a high-gloss finish with wood or marble effect cabinets and worktops as accents. The Haddington range features curved edges to lend a more contemporary softer feel to the kitchen. The Hamledown gloss designer kitchen features classic clean lines, while Solent has in-framed doors to offer dimension and a more decorative yet still simple finish. If you want to bring some complimentary colour to a kitchen without a stark contrast, take a look at our Welford range.

Our Modern Kitchens

Contemporary Kitchen Design

Contemporary design is all about current trends, lending its inspiration from assorted styles in the twentieth century. Rounded lines, neutral colours, and elements of glass and metal are all common features in this particular kitchen design. Minimalism doesn’t have to mean monochrome, however. Pops of saturated colour are a fun way to bring some personality to your kitchen. Achieve this with painted cabinets, or let appliances and décor do the work against a clean backdrop of white, black, and grey.

Currently, Shaker style is a huge trend in contemporary design. Their minimalist focus on form over ornamentation and the use of wood lends a comforting simplicity in contrast to technology-driven contemporary life. You’ll find functionality paired with simple adornments in our Baystone in-frame Shaker kitchen. The Rivington solid oak Shaker kitchen brings warmth to the clean design, while you can add twists of colour with the painted oak version. Our Meldon designer kitchen incorporates the recent geometric trend with square embellishments. The Bowfell range offers a stylish mix of materials and colours, while the Metro kitchen has a sleek yet welcoming look, reminiscent of Scandinavian design.

Our Contemporary Kitchens

Traditional Kitchen Design

Traditional design is timeless due to its use of conservative colours, classical patterns, symmetry, and luxurious touches in the architecture and furnishings. If you enjoy fine detail, matching furniture, or romantic elegance, a traditional kitchen design could be the one for you. Traditional kitchens have a friendly charm but will always feature a hint of opulence. They are decorative as well as functional.

Our previously mentioned Baystone in-frame Shaker kitchen incorporates elements of traditional and contemporary design, if you prefer a flattering combination of both styles. The Rivington painted oak Shaker kitchen also embodies classic and current styles in a mix of elegant minimalism. The Eildon oak designer kitchen features rich colours and patterns to bring vibrancy and warmth and make your kitchen feel truly lived-in. If you would prefer to modernize the look with painted oak, this option is also available. The Langton painted kitchen offers a similar modern feel to the traditional furniture style, integrating wood with clean, simple lines. The Tetbury kitchen is a truly luxurious traditional kitchen, including various classic textures and patterns to bring a level of sophistication.

Our Traditional Kitchens